Mach 4060s OD Carbon Two-in-one Kinetico's combination system combines two, dual function systems, essentially making it four systems in one. It provides continuous availability of soft and filtered water. This eliminates the need for separate systems, saving money and space. It also simplifies maintenance. Since the media is contained in separate tanks, it can be replaced easily without disturbing or dismantling other parts of the system. Τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά Top Tanks (2) 8 x 17 in. Nylon Wrapped Tanks Media (top tanks) 0.25 ft³ Activated Carbon Bottom Tanks (2) 8 x 24 in. Fiberglass Wound Polyethylene Tanks Media (bottom tanks) 0.7 ft³ Non Solvent Cation Resin Service / Regeneration Downflow / Countercurrent Meter Type 0.3 - 25.0 gpm Polypropylene Turbine Dynamic Pressure 15 - 125 psi Temperature 35 - 120 ?F Hardness (Max.) 31 gpg Flow Rate 11.5 - 18.0 gpm Flow Configuration Overdrive Regeneration Volume 50.0 gallons Regeneration Time 40 minutes Backwash Flow Rate 2.50 gpm Inlet/outlet 1.25 in. GFN Custom Adapter and E-Clip Drain Connection 0.5 in. Polyethylene Tube Brine Line 0.375 in. Polyethylene Tube Power None Όλοι οι αποσκληρυντές και τα μεγάλα φίλτρα αποστέλλονται με μεταφορική εταιρεία και είναι διαθέσιμα μόνο κατόπιν παραγγελίας.

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